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Jacobia Water and Shady Grove Merge

At the March 2019 annual meeting and election, Jacobia Water Supply members voted overwhelmingly for the merge of our water systems. At that time members were also advised they would likely see a rate differance.

I went to their website at www.shadygrovesud.com to get a price comparison. 

The obvious difference in our rates, is the minimum. We currently have a $31.00 minimum, their minimum is $34.00.

They also charge a higher gallon rate, per 1000 gallons. With us, if you use 1,000 gallons of water, your bill would be $36.75; with them the same 1,000 gallons would be $41.00.

Something you should keep in mind however, is that if the merge had not been voted on, our rates would have had to go up dramatically, as well, in order to pay for fulltime workers and currently non-exsistant equipment.

I'm happy to answer your questions but my phones have been crazy for over two weeks now and I would appreciate it, if you could email your questions to me, at jacobiawsc@gmail.com and I will reply ASAP.